8 Great Ways to Make Your Company Outdoor Events a Success


As the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time to boost morale with company outdoor events. Getting employees out of their usual day-to-day routine fosters team bonding while reducing stress. A little fresh air and exercise energizes everyone, so grab some water and sunscreen and have a field day with these fun company outdoor activities. See company outing tips and great gift ideas below.

Tips for Holding Company Outdoor Events

  1. POTLUCK PICNIC: See what culinary delights your employees will share. You’ll provide the main meal and drinks while your employees share their favorite appetizers, sides, or desserts. Encourage group interaction with a fun trivia contest during lunch. Create company-themed questions such as, “How many employees are in HR?”, “Who keeps mints on their desk?” and “What artwork hangs in the conference room?” The trivia master is awarded a prize.
  2. BBQ COOK-OFF: Put on your apron, grab the BBQ sauce, and enjoy a little friendly competition while discovering your company’s best cooks. You’ll grill the hamburgers and hot dogs while employees compete in cook-off categories like “Best Chili,” “Best Dessert,” and “Best Company-Themed Food.” Encourage competitors to share the stories behind their dishes. Employees vote on their favorite dishes, with winners receiving a BBQ-themed prize.
  3. SPORTS OR FIELD DAY: Create teams and have a ball with fun activities like softball, a golf-putting contest, or jump rope marathon. Go a step further and create a mini-Olympics with events like disc toss, egg and spoon contests, and leapfrog races. Allow the gold, silver, and bronze winners to choose from a medley of prizes.
  4. SCAVENGER HUNT: Get your employees on the move with a scavenger hunt. Create a list of items they’ll need to collect or photograph in a nearby park or neighborhood. Divide employees into teams. Add a few riddles or puzzles that employees will need to solve together in order to complete the treasure map. The first team to collect all the items wins a gift basket treasure.
  5. FIELD TRIP: Break away from your normal office view and enjoy some new sights. Attend a Minor League Baseball game or stop over at a nature preserve. Head to a farm or visit a local museum or historical society. Employees will enjoy the change of scenery. Hand out fun snacks and drinks on the way.
  6. NATURE HIKE: Encourage your employees to take a hike…a nature hike! Provide some sunblock and hydration as you and your team walk through a local forest or around a nature preserve. Employees will gain a new perspective while enjoying some fresh air and exercise.
  7. DAY OF SERVICE: Spend a day giving back by volunteering as a team. Help out at one of your company’s favorite charities or create a community cleanup day or other act of service. Order matching T-shirts to encourage team unity while working together to help others. Post pictures and share stories on your company website or newsletter.
  8. SING-ALONG: Grab a Bluetooth® speaker and have fun singing karaoke outdoors. Your employees can belt out their favorite tunes. If live singing isn’t hitting the right note, a lip-sync or air-guitar battle may be music to their ears. Have a panel of their peers be judges and award a prize package to the winners.

Ideas for Team-Building Gifts

TEE-RIFIC TEAMS: Order matching team T-shirts for your outing and ask everyone to wear them. Share your “Tee-rific” time by posting a group photo on your website or in your company newsletter.

SUN PROTECTION: Being outdoors requires extra care. Ensure your employees stay safe while having fun in the sun. Hand out refillable water bottles and encourage hydration throughout the day. Remind employees to apply sunscreen to avoid burns. Pass out sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun’s rays.

GET GRILLING: Decorate your BBQ with tablecloths and balloons. Put on an apron and pass out some BBQ sauce as you grill away. Celebrate contest winners with a BBQ prize pack. Ask employees to share their award-winning recipes in the company newsletter.

EARN A MEDAL: A little friendly competition goes a long way. From company athletic contests, such as the longest disc throw or best golf putt, to scavenger hunts and cooking challenges, award medals to the employees that brought their A-game.

Whether enjoying one activity or combining a few within a theme, a company outing is a fun way to boost productivity, blow off steam, and thank your team for their hard work. Encourage camaraderie, fitness, and fun as you head to the great outdoors!