5 Tips on Maintaining a Productive Workspace


At the start of a new year, everyone makes resolutions they’re planning to keep. And when it comes to work, doesn’t everyone resolve to be more productive this year than the last? Well the answer should be YES! An important step of being productive is to maintain a clean workspace. Just think “Clear desk, clear mind”! To help you and your team get started, here are 5 handy tips on maintaining a productive workspace.

1. Desktop Organizers

Desk organizer

Oxford Desk Organizer With Phone Stand

Everything from paper clips and pens to sticky pads and cell phones should be kept together in their own designated space. Let’s face it — work can be stressful enough, so there’s no need to add extra tension and time looking for a paper clip when you need one in a hurry. Use personalized desk organizers to give the desktop a stylish, more professional, and personalized look, plus keep your workspace neat and accessible at all times.

2. Hang Photos or Inspirational Quotes

hanging photos

Decorate the cubicle with colorful inspiration!

Hang visual images such as photos and inspirational quotes that stimulate the mind, for a great way to make good use of cubicle wall space. It’s as easy as taking a few clothespins and some twine to make a cute display powered by positive thinking. For further inspiration, it’s best to limit the number of personal items on your desk to a minimum, straighten up visible paperwork, and toss everything else to provide a more productive workspace. Remember, only keep the objects you use on a daily basis on your desk, and when you need a lift, look up at the inspiration you’ve created!

3. Bring a Touch of Nature To The Office

Plant a “green” solution on the desktop!

Decorate your desk with a small plant! Studies show that productivity is known to rise when a plant is introduced to an environment. Plants can improve air quality by increasing the amount of oxygen and removing toxins in the air. How can this help you and your employees? Increased oxygen can make people more alert, avoid headaches, and generally feel healthier. Try researching low light plants that work best in cubicle environments. A popular office plant choice is the lucky bamboo, known to attract good fortune and well-being. Breathe better, stay healthy, and grow your productive workspace!

4. Digital Organization – Don’t Be a Desktop Hoarder

Desktop horder

Is your computer desktop this cluttered?

The importance of having your physical workspace organized is just as important as keeping your digital workspace orderly! Sure, it’s easy to get your screen looking cluttered by dragging images to the desktop and having these files easily accessible. But if your desktop looks like the image above, take some time to organize the files in designated folders for even easier access, and deleting files that are no longer needed or useful. After all, chaos shouldn’t be the first thing you see in the morning when you start up the work computer.

5. Stay Hydrated

stay hydrated

Our bodies depend on water to survive. Between meetings and projects, many people often forget to take time to simply hydrate. Dehydration can affect productivity by causing headaches, fatigue, and lowering concentration. Keep a water bottle handy to fill up at the office water cooler or fountain. If plain water doesn’t fancy your taste buds, coffee, tea, or fruit infused water will do the trick!

Make this year the one you stay organized and more productive. Take some time to tidy up your workspace and discover how little steps can lead to big strides. Let’s get focused and get rid of distraction!