5 Steps to Finding the Best Promotional Products for Your Business


Promotional products have the ability to further the outreach of your marketing campaigns, but only if you pick the right product. Here are our five steps to choosing the best promotional products to perfect your marketing campaign.


What has/hasn’t worked in the past?

Look back on past promotional campaigns for inspiration. Pick out what tactics worked the best and grabbed the most attention. Also, keep in mind the issues that your promotional team has encountered in the past. In order to make this campaign great, you have to recognize both the issues and successes you’ve had in the past. Sometimes, looking at previous work might spark new ideas and insight for your next project.


Who will appreciate this product the most?

Think about your recipient. You want your clients to appreciate the promotional product he or she receives in a way that helps connect them to your brand and business. Knowing your demographic can easily influence which item would work best.


How is this item useful to your audience?
Promotional products that are used frequently are almost always valued and kept for a longer period of time. When choosing a product, think of your customer’s needs. For example, a tote bag at a trade show or a hat at a sporting event will benefit the user. If an item isn’t useful, no matter how cute or eye-catching a promotional item might be, it will remain untouched.


What is the purpose of your campaign?

Establish what would be the best outcome for your campaign. Is there an event coming up? Are you trying to persuade potential clients to work with you? Are you giving products to your clients to thank them for their business? Decide what you’re trying to accomplish and make sure that your products align with that goal.


Is the product consistent with your brand?

Keeping consistent with your brand is key. Each item you choose represents your business and will bring customers to your company. It’s important that your products carry the same consistency with the brand to keep your message clear and to the point. Make sure to utilize the same fonts, images, and colors to make your brand more recognizable and remembered by targeted clients.


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