Four Simple Promotional Products to Kick-Start Productivity in Your Office


Does your office still have vacation on the brain? It’s natural for workers to kick back in the summer. A survey of 600 white-collar American workers from Captivate Network found that productivity drops a hefty 20 percent during the summer. This statistic may seem concerning, but there are plenty of simple ways to keep your workers motivated and ready to work during the summertime.

Promotional marketing is highly beneficial for your business’ employees as well as clients. Providing brand name notebooks, and personalized gifts such as shirts and water bottles can help maximize exposure for your brand while improving morale in your office space. Check out these products that will help get your office in gear:

 1. Mobile Device Chargers

From updating social media to checking emails, mobile devices have become a part of day-to-day task for most companies. Providing branded chargers keeps your employees running whether at tradeshows, conferences, or events that require quick communication. Your employees will appreciate that you gave them some very practical swag.

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2. Notebooks

Keep your employees up to date and ready to work with branded notebooks. Providing branded notebooks will ensure that they are prepared and professional at the next big business meeting. Branded notebooks allow a place for your employees to brainstorm, keep up to date, and take notes. Allowing them to stay up to date with the daily tasks in your office.

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3. T-shirts

Studies have shown that company shirts and uniforms can increase employees’ self-confidence and enhance their credibility, as well as increasing job satisfaction. At company events, branded t-shirts are also a perfect way for the team to stand out and stand united. Apparel is also a great promotional piece of swag because it’s an item that can help increase brand exposure. Whether at a company retreat, corporate event, or trade show, your team will be dressed for success.

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4. Reusable Water Bottles

This may sound a bit surprising, but reusable water bottles are some of the most sought-after swag items. Why? They provide hydration and they are eco-friendly! Dehydrated workers will be fatigued and lack productivity, so keep your employees hydrated and ready to work while also showing that your company supports going green. These reusable bottles also allow employees to share your brand wherever they go.

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Building office morale in the summer is a crucial way to keep productivity up in your office. Need help boosting your company’s spirit? Contact one of our Brand Favour specialists today to get started making your office the best place to work.