The Key to Promotional Marketing to Millennials


Millennials are considered the largest consumer group in U.S. history, disrupting the flow and interaction consumers have had with marketing and media. Millennials can prove to be a difficult demographic to market to, as their priorities and expectations sharply differ from previous generations. They are marked by an era of demographic transformation, technological breakthroughs, and economic upheaval, all of which influence how they live and what they value.

As the older millennials, begin to reach 35, they are transitioning into their prime spending years. So, how do you market to a new, innovative generation?

Consumers are overloaded and overwhelmed with information. More than ever, brands are faced with the challenge of cutting through the clutter and effectively engaging with their target audience. According to PPAI Research, promotional products are still regarded as the most effective advertising channel by all generations. Millennials specifically have been known to take more action when given a promotional product, and least likely to take action from print advertisements.

It’s important to recognize that free items go far with the Millennial audience. For instance, Splashthat surveyed 785 million millennials, 47 percent of those surveyed said the main reason they chose to interact with a brand is for free swag. Not only that, but 19 percent of those polled said they remember the free things they received. Millennials respond well to branded items, making your promotional products a savvy company investment in future generations.

Millennials love to receive promotional products that benefit them. With 83% of millennials owning a smartphone, they’ll likely love anything that has to do with their smartphone. Over 85 percent of Americans will keep a product for over a year, but only if they deem it useful for their everyday needs. When it comes to tech, millennials appreciate mobility, interconnectedness, and compact design. Check out our top three trending tech accessories for your biggest and most influential audience.

Wireless Headphones

Cordless styles are becoming popular with every generation, but millennials in particular enjoy the freedom of Bluetooth. Young professionals are accustomed to working in bustling shared office spaces, coffee houses, and commuter trains. Wireless over-the-ear headphones provide unparalleled surround sound and noise cancellation. Not only will your millennial clients be able to listen to music on the go, but they will always be wearing your brand. 

Bluetooth Speakers

The latest generation of Bluetooth speakers offer better sound and eye-catching design. Since majority of millennials keep all of their music on their phones, why not give them a branded speaker system to take on-the-go? They can take your branded speakers to events, out exercising, to parties, and anywhere else they want to play their favorite music while also giving your company brand exposure.

Smart Wallets

Millennials prefer convenience. Limiting the need for larger baggage, Millennials are more likely to just carry the bare essentials: ID, debit card, and phone. The smart wallet attaches to a mobile phone and has a slim, compact profile that allows room for cards and some cash. They also come in a variety of vibrant colors and shapes to fit with any brand. These branded wallets make sure your brand is always in their hands and always on their minds.

As Millennials become the most powerful buying generation, retailers will have to work harder to meet their demands as they influence trends and redefine buying habits. We want you to learn how to adapt to this key generation, so call one of our Brand Favour specialists today to design the perfect product for this growing market.