The Perfect Way to Get Your Brand Into the High School Community


It’s important for your business to stay involved in the local schools. It allows for better community engagement, while also providing a simple way to increase brand awareness. Sporting events for local high schools are a fantastic way to introduce a new audience to your brand. By giving away promotional products at events such as football games, field days, and pep-rallies, your brand can show support for the local school system while also providing support for your own brand.

Students, parents, and faculty who use your branded products will expose your brand to potential clients. At Brand Favour, you’ll find promotional products for all types of events including sporting events, pep-rallies, field days, and even more. Branded products are the perfect way to share your message and show your school support.

Check out our top four products to get your brand in schools:

Water Bottles

Personalized water bottles are an enticing piece of merchandise for students because they can be used over and over. Over 77 percent of consumers say that a promotional product’s usefulness is the number one reason that they keep it. By passing out branded swag at a local high school football game or field day, you are providing the community with a way to stay hydrated, eco-friendly, and become familiar with your brand. If you choose to use brands such as Camelback or Contigo, your audience will more than likely hold on to your bottle and carry your brand on a day-to-day basis.

Not sure which branded water bottle fits with your brand guidelines? Talk to one of our our promotional product experts today. 

Stadium Seats

Most high-school stadiums and gyms do not have comfortable seating. Parents of drill team dancers, band members, football, basketball, and volleyball players will fill the seats to watch their children, so giving away branded stadium seats is a great way to gain the attention of a new audience. Plus, 58 percent of Americans keep these products for one to four years, making your promotional product worth the investment.

There are plenty of different seat options to choose from. Call one of our Brand Favour specialists today to help find the one that will boost brand awareness.

Hand Sanitizers

We all know that these large-scale events aren’t exactly the cleanest. One of the main reasons people keep promotional products is functionality, so help your audience avoid germs at outdoor events with customizable hand sanitizers. These sanitizers come in an easy-to-transport sleeve which can be customized with your brand’s logo.

Want to know more about our hand-sanitizer options? Click here to see some of our top trending options.


For daytime events and sporting events, keep students’ and parents’ eyes protected. With over 69 percent of consumers picking up promotional products they deem useful, sunglasses will be a necessity for any attendees in the sun. These glasses come in a variety of colors and are a simple, portable, and affordable way to share your brand.

Looking for a specific style that fits your brand’s message? Talk to one of our specialists now for one-on-one guidance in finding the perfect fit.


Brand Favour is here to help make your brand stand out this season. Call today to talk with one of our specialists about the best products for your company to make the right statement in your community.