Promotional Products Guaranteed To Increase Customer Loyalty

Promotional Products Guaranteed To Increase Customer Loyalty

Having a positive brand reputation is fundamental to driving potential customers to your business. The more a customer connects with your business’ values and message, the more likely they are to do business with you. Creating strong customer loyalty can ensure your brand’s success and help grow sales.

In the marketing world, it is widely known that 60 percent of customers have a more favorable impression of a business after receiving a branded promotional item. Giveaways are an effortless act that say, “thank you for supporting our brand,” and that kindness develops strong customer loyalty.

Here are our marketing specialists’ top four product categories that are sure to resonate with your customers:


Promotional bags are an affordable and functional customer gift that simultaneously maximizes your brand’s exposure and lets your customer know you care. Think about it: There is amazing branding value in quality merchandise that people use daily. Contact Brand Favour specialist today to see how our trending Jute Tote bag can boost your brand.


Logoed mugs are a more effective means of advertising than both radio and TV! 57 percent of people were able to recall the brand on a mug versus 32 percent of those advertised on the radio and TV. When your customer is seen with a great branded mug at a book club or a business meeting, it will potentially start a conversation. By putting your brand on a useful item, people are bound to talk about your business and, in marketing, that is never a bad thing. Check out some of our top selling mugs here.


Tech products are our Brand Favour product professionals’ third giveaway item that is guaranteed to increase customer loyalty because it fits seamlessly into their daily lives. 77 percent of consumers say a promotional product’s practicality is the No.1 reason to keep it. From Power Banks to Bluetooth® Speakers, these useful thank-you gifts will turn customers into daily brand ambassadors.


Did you know 74 percent of customers have at least one promotional pen in their workspace? Ordering promotional pens is the simplest ways to add instant brand recognition to any occasion, whether the pens are placed at the front desk for customers or used by employees around the workplace. This is one of the most basic—yet effective—promotional products you can buy! With over 90 styles of customizable pens, Brand Favour makes sure your brand is always in the hands of your clients. Check out our favorites: Ava Stylus Pen, and Ascent Stylus Pen.

Not sure which giveaway items are best for your business? Talk to the experts! Led by some of the best in the promotional marketing world, Brand Favour offers valuable insight into the world of promotional marketing. Our specialists are here to provide you with more information and answer any questions you have on the best thank-you gifts that will make your customers come back for more.

Chat with one of our specialists today to get personalized help in finding the ‘Thank You’ gifts for your brand.