Trade Show Tips: How to Get the Best Branded Apparel for Your Company or Organization


You have the ability to use the same effective marketing strategies employed by brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Lululemon, and countless other brands without breaking the bank. How? Promotional apparel!

Having employees and customers wear branded clothing or accessories is an effective way to advertise your company or organization. Branded apparel generates thousands of impressions worldwide, with over 53 percent of Americans owning a piece of promotional apparel and 85 percent of Americans remembering the company that gave it to them.

The Brand Favour team knows that branded apparel is an important part of marketing, so we’re here to help you find the best fit for you. When searching for the right styles, use our guide to help with finding the right fit for your brand, make the most of your marketing budget, and boost brand awareness:

Understand Your Audience

Are you ordering apparel for a labor-intensive group such as construction workers, or are you looking to outfit your office? There are major differences in the types of clothing that will work best. Depending on the final user, they will have different expectations for fit, comfort, safety and durability.

It’s also important to remember that if you’re ordering clothing for your employees who are representing your company at a trade show, you’ll want to go with a professional collared shirt. On the other hand, if your clothing is being given away as a promotional item, you’ll want something that your customers will want to wear.

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Allocate an Appropriate Budget

It’s important to take a look at your marketing budget and decide how much money to invest in your new products. Once you have a budget, you can decide on items, colors, materials, and quantity of products to order.

Know the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Corporate Apparel

There are plenty of subtle differences in branded apparel for men and women. Most of the time, women’s apparel tends to run smaller and fits a woman’s shape rather than a man’s, while some men’s dress shirts may even have buttons on the opposite side from the buttons on women’s dress shirt. Still unsure? Talk to one of our Brand Favour specialists to find the perfect fit.

Keep Things Consistent

You will need consistency in your designs to allow your audience to recognize it in stores, on the streets, and on social media. The best way to keep your apparel consistent with your brand is to use the same colors, fonts, and logo throughout. While it may be fun to have a silly slogan or an awe-inspiring graphic, if it’s not related to your brand, it’s not going to help brand awareness.

Discuss Your Designs with a Professional

A Brand Favour professional can help you understand how the stitch count of a clothing item may affect your design. Additionally, brand specialists can advise you on appropriate material and color choices for your apparel.

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Think Outside the Box

Our team is happy to help you find innovative ways to make your brand pop, so get creative! The best way to help your branded apparel succeed is by having fun with your designs. For some people, it isn’t just wearing a quality-clothing product, it’s feeling proud to be associated with the brand. So keep your company on people’s mind with brilliant brand apparel.

Need help finding the best fit for you? Chat with one of our specialists today to get personalized help in finding the best, branded apparel for your brand.